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Whois data of

1a. Domain Name :
1b. Select One : Update Existing Domain name
2a. Department Name : KZN Education
2b. Postal Address : Private Bag 9137,Pietermaritzburg,Pietermaritzburg
2c. Postal Code : 3200
3a. Admin Contact Name : Halimana, Simesihle
3b. Title\Position : IT Manager
3c. Department : KZN Education
3d. Email : [email protected]
3e. Postal Address : Private Bag 9137,Pietermaritzburg,Pietermaritzburg
3f. Postal Code : 3200
4a. Tech Contact Name : SITA OSIS Admin
4b. Title\Position : OSIS Team
4c. Department : SITA OSIS
4d. Email : [email protected]
4e. Postal Address : Private Bag X9035,Pietermaritzburg,Pietermaritzburg
4f. Postal Code : 3200
5a. Primary NS :
5b. Primary NS IP :
5c. 1st Secondary NS :
5d. 1st Secondary NS IP :
6a. Place : Pietermaritzburg
6b. Date : 2018/01/26
6c. Name of Applicant : Halimana, Simesihle

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